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Price Guide
VAT will also be added on to the quote and any discounts for large artificial orders will be added on to the bottom of the quote.

Bouquets from:

Bridal mixed rose handtied bouquet £110 / shower bouquet £120

Bridal mixed seasonal handtied bouquet £120 / shower bouquet £135

Bridal luxury specific handtied bouquet £130 / shower bouquet £150

Bridesmaids gypsophilia bouquets £40

Bridesmaids, smaller versions of bridal £49.50-£65

Flowergirl/ Junior maids bouquets £25-35

Buttonholes / Corsages from:

Rose buttonholes £7.50

Gyp buttonholes £6.50

Luxury buttonholes £9.50

Pocket flowers £17

Lapel corsage £9.50

Wrist corsage £16

Bag corsage £13

Venue flowers from:

3ft top table spray £105

6ft spray £210

Seasonal per ft £35

Luxury per ft £45+

Top table bud vases per ft £17

Tall dome centrepieces £140+

Wreath bases £65+

Short bowl arrangements £55+

Tall XL gyp dome centrepieces £180

3 Jam Jar with seasonal flowers £35

Bud vases £4.50+ each

Gyp pew ends £12.50

Seasonal pew ends £15

Luxury pew ends £22.50

Front facing pedestal arrangements £105

Pedestal arrangement £195

Artificial HIRE venue flowers

3ft top table spray £45

6ft spray £95

Top table garland £150

Top table bud vases per ft £14

Tall dome centrepieces £75

XL full white domes £95

XL pampas domes £80

Wreath bases £45

Short bowl arrangements £40

Bud vases £3.50+ each

Mixed pew ends £12.50

Pedestal arrangement £95

Full moongate arch £250

Table top trees £60 each

Pedestal trees £75 each

Cloud trees £125 each

Canopy trees £350

XL umbrella tree £250

Moongate tree arch £250

A frame tree arch £250

Open Moongate arch £250

Square arch £250

One sided arch £170

Ceiling garlands £250

Light hoops £45 each

HIRE items

White pedestal stands £7.50 each

Mirrored pedestal stands £15 each

Centrepiece stands/ vases £6 each

Lanterns from £6 each

Set of 3 cylinder vases with LED candle £15

Moongate arch frame, no flowers £75

Hexagon arch frame, no flowers £145

White wooden arch frame, no flowers £125

Welcome to our Wedding sign £65

Happy ever after starts here set up £65



Do you know we have a HUGE selection of trees and different branches to create your dream styling.


Artificial Flowers

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